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Bomariage was born in 2010 during my wedding planning activity. It was a result of constant looking for the inspiration at my everyday work and a need to capture all those beautiful things at one place.

I specialized in organizing of destination weddings in France, Switzerland, Italy and The Czech Republic. It was my love for travelling, different cultures, languages and love for people that made me to enjoy this job and it became my personal interest.

My very first clients were from Ireland and I remember, they got married on 10th June 2005 in the beautiful Castle of Konopiste, the Czech Republic. Since then I organized hundreds of international weddings of all sizes and nationalities.

Based in France I want to share with you the beauties that this country has to offer.

If you’d like to ask a question, inquiry, comment or share, I will be happy to hear form you!  info@ bo-mariage.com