Slavka and Bruno, 10th September 2011 [real wedding]

I was thrilled to receive these beautiful wedding pictures from Slavka and Bruno. They both love to have fun and welcomed the idea of their creative photographer Brano from ABWeddings to have a photo session the day before wedding. The shooting took place at couple of places and was very relaxed because there was no rush to go back to the wedding party. Enjoy reading and Merry Christmas everyone =)

Tell us about your most emotional moment of the Wedding day:

The shooting was so much fun but the most emotional was the ceremony. It was exciting, to wait for the ‘I do’ from your husband =) Another very special moment for both of us was when we announced we are expecting a baby. Nobody knew except the parents and sisters. The hugs and joy of everyone was so real and sincere.

Your advice for brides-to-be:

When planning your wedding stay cool and don’t get overwhelmed with the details. Even if there’s something out of plans on the D-day nobody judges you and expects it to be perfect. I only had 2 months to plan everything and yes I was scared to prepare everything on time but finally it was all OK. It was a short time of the stress :). It is true that many venues and vendors were not available for us but finally we managed to find everything we wanted thanks to our families and friends.. and also thanks to my husband who had many contacts in the area. If you want to have a wide choice, start planning your wedding a year in advance.

What else would you add about a wedding day:

The wedding day – it’s only once in a lifetime! You must enjoy it as much as you can and do not worry about what will your wedding guests say…It’s all about you.


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