Wedding Makeup

It’s an honor to call you Bride, isn’t it? 😉 It’s only once in a life-time! You have a special ‘role’ on the Wedding Day and you are supposed to be simply the most beautiful lady of all ladies. This is sometimes tricky because if you organize your wedding I can imagine what sort of stress accompany you the last couple of weeks before the D-day. Anyway try to think about ‘magicians’ who can create a brand fresh new person even if you are not!

Wedding makeup artists are the key-persons for the brides on the wedding day. If I work with a good makeup artist I am relaxed because I can focus on organizing other details and knowing the bride is in good hands make my life as wedding planner easier!

I met Avital ( a year ago, she is a very talented makeup artist with 20 years of experience. Not only she is perfectly language skilled person (she speaks fluently 6 languages) but also very detail-oriented professional. She flies all over the Europe to be on time on weddings of my clients.

How do you recognize a real makeup pro?

  • gives you precious advices how to take care of your skin before wedding
  • proposes to do trial because even experienced makeup artist need to get to know your face
  • she underlines the values on your face and make you simply the most beautiful that you will adore to see yourself in the mirror
  • watch her/his work – previous wedding makeups, photos talks the best


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