How to ask my girlfriend to marry me

Well, you finally decided (or she did, no matter who) that you are going to ask your girlfriend to marry you! Now watch out HOW will you ask THE question… here are some advices from a girl (from the point of view of a GIRL!)

Advice no. 1

Listen to yourself. You know the best what makes your girlfriend happy, what does she dream about, what are her passions…carefully watch and listen to your sweet half. Be a gentleman! Nevertheless you decided to support her the rest of your life. And that’s not just for nothing!

Advice no. 2

Do not take the proposal to marriage too easily. Your future wife, like all women since a woman is a woman, dreams about a prince on a white horse since she was a little girl. Do not take away her illusions about THE proposal in front of football match on TV –  ” …and what if we get married? Will you bring me a beer?’

Advice no.3

Set up a budget. Well, okay, it’s probably not so chic to think about these details yet but think about avoiding crazy things that you’d like to do so you don’t have to eat pasta  at your grandma’s house on your wedding day.

Advice no. 4

Listen to your girlfriend. She might give you a precious directions during her monologues! ‘I always dreamed about trying a helicopter one day’.

Advice no. 5

Surf on the Internet. Forget about ‘I don’t know, I don’t have time, I don’t want…” There’s no excuse for such a professional in surfing on the Internet like you! There are websites specialized in this topic , you can find videos, woman’s forums, wedding planners…and for all types of budgets!

Advice no. 6

Do NOT forget a ring! However this little jewelery shouldn’t ruin your credit card. Choose a ring that correspond to her. Pretend you are looking for a new watch for yourself and observe her…her eyes and mouth wide open. If she is ready to get married there will be signs that give you a clue.

Advice no. 7

Organize a moment of the dreams! Be perfect in her eyes during this special time for both of you. Find a place, make bookings, think about each details even if it’s not your cup of tea. For the D day everything has to be perfect. Because casually if your really care about your couple you will be stressed!

Advice no. 8

Find the right words! Don’t worry and don’t try to copy speeches you found on the Internet. Be yourself.

Advice no. 9

Do NOT ask your girlfriend to marry you: during the family dinners and reunions, not intimate enough. The ring dropped in the dessert, you risk to organize her funeral rather than a wedding. On the boat if she has a seasickness. Under the water if she can’t swim. On the top of the Eiffel Tower, if she has a dizziness. Briefly, you understand that all requests to marriage can be successful if they are just a little bit organized.

At last

If you really have no idea and if you are completely lost don’t worry to ask your girlfriend’s best friend or her mother (if you get on well). If none of them is available in your case ask an experienced wedding planner…

Here’s some inspiration by Nokia 🙂

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