Money Saving Secrets

If your budget for wedding is limited and you still want to have a wedding of your dreams, here are some tips how to make your dream come true without ruining yourself financially;

Wedding dress – if you are not particularly sentimental about your wedding dress consider renting a wedding gown. It becomes very popular and more and more wedding stores offer this new service. In some countries brides it is more common to rent a dress rather than buy and wear it only once in a lifetime. The rental prices start at 200 Euros (300 dollars) and include retouches and cleaning.

Flowers – browse for seasonal flowers, they can be much cheaper than flowers that you love but are not currently available in all flower shops. The florist may advice you what flowers are easy to get during the month of your wedding. Discuss your wishes with her and she should come with the solutions for every budget.

Wedding cake – your wedding cake can be twice smaller but designed as you wish if you ask the cake maker to prepare the rest of the cake to be ready to serve in the kitchen.

Wedding invitations – if you make your own invitations save money by using reply postcards instead of the usual reply cards with envelopes. Postage rates are cheaper (remember – you must pre-stamp the reply cards for your guests). Plus, by using postcards you save the expense of envelopes and save the trees!

Wedding date – holding your wedding other day than Saturday can save your money as venues are less busy during the week than weekend with weddings. Also if you decide to have wedding out of ‘peak wedding season’ which includes months from May till September you can probably negotiate better rates with the venues and caterings.

Children’s menu – ask your caterer about the availability of children’s plates. You can usually save about 50% by ordering these special meals for children who are 12 years and younger. The child’s plate is usually a smaller portion that the adult meals or either just a simple favorite kid’s meal such as chicken fingers and fries and ice cream as dessert.

All-in-one – venues where you can hold your ceremony and reception and accommodation save your money on transportation for yourself and your guests. Plus you don’t have to worry about drinking an alcohol and driving after the party.

Accessories – purchase your wedding accessories during the sales. Shoes, jewelery, gloves, hats… everything’s cheaper during the sale season.


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