We got engaged, what to do next?

Now you are officially getting married! Wedding is an important event of your life. Do not leave things for the last moment to make sure your wedding will be one of the best days of your life. Here are tips for a chronological preparations HOW TO ORGANIZE your wedding from now till the D-Day.


* choose your wedding date and confirm it with your closest family – it would be a pity of you book your venue and some of your important guests cannot make it to your wedding. Saturday is the most frequent day for a wedding but Friday may bring better deals and discounts from all vendors.


* choose the place of ceremony – town hall, church.. sooner you start looking for your ceremony venue, more choices you will have. The same for the reception venue. Contact the priest or pastor to confirm your wedding date!



* choose the place of reception – if your reception venue does not have a restauration service you also need to choose a catering


* make a list of guests – in regards of the size of your reception venue and start collecting all addresses of family and friends… your parents may help you to deliver some addresses


* send ‘save the date’ cards – you can use a modern technology (e-mail) but think about those who do not have an e-mail (grandparents?)


* sign up for a dance class – you will be the most observated couple of the night so you might want to show your ‘chic’ movements on the dancefloor


* sign up for a fitness or military camp – not only you will perfectly shape your body for your wedding gown but it is also healthy to do some extra excercise


* choose the wedding rings – do not leave it for ‘later’. You have to count with some extra time to order your size and to print your names


* choose a wedding dress – get some inspiration on Internet, bridal magazines, bridal shops, wedding shows and salons…etc. You may find your dress at bridal brands or wedding designers (more expensive). Each year the new collections come in October or November. Try all types of dresses that you like, you never know what fits you the best unless you try!


* choose the colours / theme of your wedding – this will help you to choose an invitation of your theme


* choose the bridesmaid’s dress – once you have chosen your d ress and theme you know what colour will be the best


* choose a suite or tuxedo for groom and gromsmen / bestman – grooms usually choose their gowns with parents. This is also probably the last occassion to do shopping with parents before son is ‘gone from home’.


* choose a photographer – photographers’ agendas are often getting full very quickly. Ask for his/her references from ex-clients. Photographes are important and sometimes the only ‘real’ souvenir of your wedding for life time. Make sure it is a WEDDING photographer. How to find a good one? Ask family and friends, search on Internet (many good photographers are willing to travel within a country or continent) or go to the wedding shows to meet them. The period of wedding shows starts in October till February.


* choose a videoman – share your event of your life with those who couldn’t make it to your wedding. Forget the boring videotapes and never-ending movies. Modern wedding DVDs are dynamic and fun to watch


* choose your invitation cards – there is a wide range of pre-designed cards or you can make your own design. Then find a good printer. Think about menus, name cards, ceremony program to fit into the same theme and colours


* choose your wedding cake – get inspirations in gallery of photos on Internet or magazines. Why not to design your own wedding cake? There are also many cake makers who are the best in what they do!


* fontaine of champagne – comes from France. The couple is filling the pyramid of glasses with champagne (or a sparkling wine, depending on your budget). It is usually served with the wedding cake later in the night. /look for photos in labels; fontaine/


*choose your accessoires – shoes, bracelets, neckless, ear-rings, gloves, tiara, garter, etc..


* Hen and Stag party – unless your friends will make this for you as a surprise, agree with them a weekend when you are available. It is usually maid of honour or a witness who takes care of the organization. You don’t have to leave this for the last weekend before your wedding (and avoid the situations as in the movie ‘Very bad trip’ 😉


* choose the music and entertainers – DJ or band for the party


* book a car – for bride and groom parents, witnesses, bridesmaids, etc..


* choose your wedding vows – unless you don’t want to just say ‘I do” you can choose your personalized wedding vows that you will exchange during the ceremony


* send the invitations (for weddings abroad ideally 5 – 6 months prior to your wedding) – add a link to your wedding website or a map where the ceremony will take place


* list of wedding gifts – you may add the code/link/more details in the invitations


* book your honeymoon – book your honeymoon in advance if you plan to include your trip in the wedding gifts


* choose gifts for your guests – dragees, pens, chocolates, etc…


* choose other wedding items – flying latterns, doves, butterflies, cushion for rings, guest book, projector, etc…


* children at wedding – you can prepare some games or gifts for the kids. If your cocktail will take place outside you can organize outdoor games, crafts for indoor. Parents will also appreciate if you inform them about the place where they could possibly sleep (extra room in the reception venue) or arrange the babysitter


* receive answers from your guests – make a list of confirmed guests


* choose your wedding flowers – time to book your bouquets, buttonholes, and other decorations


* choose the music – make a list of your favourite music for the party and send it to the DJ


* prepare all documents for Town Hall / Church- make an appointment


* choose your menu – don’t forget allergies, vegetarians and children


* select the wine and champagne


* make a seating plan


* make an appointment with a notary for your wedding contract – if you will want to have one


* print ceremony programs, menus, seating plan and name cards


* do trial of your hairstyle and make up


* book a restaurant for pre-wedding dinner – if you have one

* engagement photos – many couples today have a pre-wedding session with a photographer. It is also a good occassion to get to know your photographer better


1 month to go – do the last fitting in your dress (if possible with hair style)


2 weeks to go – if you don’t have a wedding planner who will coordinate your wedding, sit down with your usher s and bridesmaids and give them the time plan, contacts for vendors and all other details. This will help you to eliminate the stress in your dress! Honestly you cannot be bride and wedding coordi nator at the same time!


1 week to go – relax, do your manicure, pedicure, massages, spray tan and check the weather for your wedding! If it will rain you still have 1 week to organize last moment changes (in case of outdoor activities) and eventually d o the rehearsal



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